An Expert’s Mulligan? Biden claims Georgia Is Currently A Jim Crow State But It’s Still Be Okay For Golf

It appears that President Joe Biden didn’t repeatedly”misspeak” as suggested on CNN.  Yesterday, Biden did not correct his false promises regarding the Georgia election law but doubled down the law is currently a”Jim Crow law” Indeed, he has repeatedly stated it’s worse,”Jim Crow on steroids” That is why yesterday’s press conference (using only three questions) transferred from the incorrect into the incoherent. Biden is now saying that Georgia is still a Jim Crow nation with legislation worse than the segregationist laws after the Civil War. However, he’s saying it is ok to perform with the Experts from the state (and also for CBS to carry the Experts ) following encouraging a boycott of baseball. 
The press has not had any obvious tendency or (in the case of Fox News) an opportunity to request Biden for a full response on why the Georgia law is much worse than the Jim Crow legislation.  As previously discussed, countries like Colorado have voter identification provisions and many of the exact provisions as Georgia.  An individual would believe that, provided Biden’s widely discredited comments on the shift in voting hours, the press would push Biden on an answer.  That is only true when the press wanted such an answer.
These laws embodied separate schools, independent schools, separate seating, independent access, and a wide variety of constraints that treated African Americans to second-class citizens. That surely included barriers on unemployment.
To state that the Georgia law is worse than a Jim Crow law is a frightening conclusion in the sitting president and worthy of excuse. Both prior examples given by President Biden are discredited regarding voting hours and availability of water for all people waiting in line. Moreover, other”blue” states have the exact provisions and a huge majority of Americans encourage voter identification law, including the majority of Democrats.
In Colorado, the provisions are mostly the same. The large difference is that Colorado pushes out absentee ballots mechanically where Georgia (like other states) has citizens request the ballots.  That certainly can really make a difference in voting turnout for absentee voters . however, it wouldn’t appear to warrant 1 nation being called innovative state and also a Jim Crow state.
In his press conference, Biden took a different place on the golf tournament than the baseball All-Star match.  Rather than encouraging the boycott for golf, he stated that it was up to corporations. He stated”[I]t is reassuring to find out for-profit operations and Companies are speaking up about how these brand new Jim Crow laws Which Are just antithetical to who we are.”   However, he chastised countries like Georgia for not yielding to the requirements on voting and warned them to”smarten up”
The actual loss from this protective press cocoon is the opportunity to have a discussion on race and unemployment. Instead of repeatedly casting around the label of Jim Crow, Biden could explain why he considers Georgia is beyond any sensible (if different) approach compared to other states like Delaware, New York or Colorado.  Really, nobody appears eager to have that discussion in the press. The policy is as trivial as a soundbite.  The Georgia law is now a Jim Crow law by pure repetition rather than any excuse in the policy. Given the horrible background of Jim Crow, such a claim warrants excuse — not only use as a handy slogan or political attack.
1 obvious question is why there’s a difference between golf and baseball in regards to anti-racism boycotts.  If Georgia is back to being a Jim Crow condition and also a baseball boycott is warranted, why does Biden awarded the Experts a mulligan?

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