California Professor Triggers Controversy Over Anti-Police Opinions Captured On Videotape

There are increasing complaints regarding faculty using classes for uncooked advocacy or political diatribes. The most recent such criticism appeared at Cypress College where an instructor slammed a pupil, Braden Ellis, later he called police”heroes” The unnamed adjunct scientist insisted that police were made in the South to track down runaway slaves and represent a danger to others and her.  What’s particularly ironic is that the presentation was on cancel culture.
What’s most striking about the video below is that the student looks more balanced and reasonable than the professor. He states that he considers some officials deserve to be punished but that most are good and honorable people — precisely what amounts like President Joe Biden have stated.
The professor’s remark not only look strikingly intemperate but incorrect. The scientist claims (erroneously ) that the police were made to track down runaway slaves. There could be places where the very first official law enforcement bodies were made for such a purpose, but many police departments were obviously not made for such a goal.
The conversation centered on the Nickelodeon series Paw Patrol, that faced criticism since it revealed police in a positive light. From the video, 1 pupil agrees that maybe police should not be included as personalities at a kids’ series — a view clearly preferred by the professor who stated that she would never call police if she were in trouble as”my life’s more at risk in their presence… I wouldn’t call anyone.”

This discussion demonstrates why students feel uncomfortable in talking freely on our campuses.  We discussed a Gallup poll showing Average percent of Pomona students stated that they did not feel free to talk openly or freely. It is an indictment of not just Pomona however many of our colleges. This is not a issue for many students but a small fraction of both self-identified conservatives. One recent poll shows the already modest population of conservative and Republican students has been cut by roughly half. The Crimson poll covered over 76 percent of the Harvard College Class of 2024 and found that the class contained 72.4 percent who self-identify as either”quite liberal” or”somewhat liberal” Just 7.4 percentage self-identify as”very conservative” or”somewhat conservative”  Another Harvard study revealed that 35% of conservatives felt that they may share their views on campus.
The pity is that the professor might have made this discussion a lot more jaded by talking the counter perspective of police not as fact but an alternate perspective. Many do dread the police and we should be able to go over the origin of those feelings.  Conversely, Ellis has been creating a reasoned argument that abuses by a few officers should not result in sweeping condemnations of the full profession.  The professor did not need to talk as much as right the pupil as if her view was based on unassailable facts.
Cypress College published the following statement:

Our community completely adopts this culture; students often defend one the rights to express themselves freely, even if opinions differ.
Any efforts to curb respectful and free expression on the campus will not be tolerated.
This was her very first course at Cypress and she’d indicated her intention to not come back in the autumn.
We’re reviewing the complete recording of this trade involving the adjunct professor and the student and will address it fully in the coming days.

Here’s the video.

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