Former BSU Professor Arrested For Defacing Lincoln Statue With Feces And Paint

We’ve been discussing campaigns against Lincoln figurines as well as the destruction of such statues.  The most recent example is based in Boise, Idaho in which the former Boise State University adjunct professor Terry Wilson, 37, has been arrested for defacing a Lincoln statue. He has served as a spokesperson for Dark Lives Matter in Boise. Both the BLM and Antifa bands were allegedly involved with the defacing of the statue.
While it’s uncommon for professors to participate in such harmful protests, other professors have affirmed such criminal acts including Professor Sarah Parchak at the University of Alabama who supplied instructions on the best way to decode such monuments. As we’ve previously discussed, one professor called for more Trump fans to be killed.  Another called for strangling authorities. Rhode Island Professor Erik Loomis, who writes to the website Lawyers, Guns, and Money, said he saw”nothing wrong” with all the murdering of a traditional protester — a view defended by other professors.

Wilson was identified by law enforcement through”both physical and electronic signs.” When they approached Wilson having the arrest warrant, he allegedly fled but was captured.  The report says that he was”found to be in possession of a firearm, marijuana and drug paraphernalia.”
Until December, Wilson worked as an adjunct professor at BSU. A graduated of BSU’s School of Public Service, he  educated University Foundations general education courses at Boise State. In addition, he claimed a Twitter accounts Exegesis Joe that advocated to defunding the authorities and other causes.
I have disagreed with the effort to eliminate Lincoln statues.  But, we can have civil and productive discussions relating to this history. That sort of enthusiastic and educated debate is what defines our schools and universities as educational institutions.  Because of this, it’s very distressing to see former or current professors supporting these destructive protests.
For Wilson, he is currently looking at an array of charges. Ordinarilya defense attorney would be looking for a plea deal to drop the medication counts in favor on a one or two count plea. It is not clear if Wilson would accept such a plea that ordinarily involves a state apology and acceptance of responsibility. Wilson’s Twitter account shows someone with lengthy stated and deeply seated perspectives that may make this type of public statement harder for defense counsel to procure. It is likely to reach a deal without such an entry, but it might decrease the disposition of the court to sentence the customer within the suggested range of the plea.
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