Hits and Misses: HuffPost along with Washington Post Criticized Over Pieces Attacking GOP Senators

The HuffPost was compelled to take down a tweet accusing Cruz of lying although the Washington Post ran a hit piece Scott that claimed (but neglected ) to show false components to his”cotton to Congress” life narrative.
We did not do that. We might have… You did not see Republicans when we had control of the Senate attempt to rig the game. You did not see us attempt to pack the Court.”
HuffPost publicly assaulted Cruz for lying about court packaging in a broadly circulated tweet:”Sen. Ted Cruz may have told his biggest lie yet with the promise that Republicans never engaged in court packaging when they dominated the White House and Congress.”
The HuffPost subsequently moved from dishonestly to duplicity by asserting”An earlier version said that Cruz whined about court packaging. The dishonesty can be found in the claim that Republicans never”rigged the game”
Rather than admit they made a false claim, HuffPost insisted it had been creating a different stage after deleting the first stage.
Yet, HuffPost continued to telephone Cruz that the”master gaslighter.”
Democrats have fought to find high ground since many have called for the packaging of the Supreme Court — a move long opposed by the vast majority of Americans.  President Joe Biden has vowed to denounce court packaging.  As a result, some have claimed that Republicans have packaged the Court by conflicting Merrick Garland and controlling seats because of Republican nominees.  That is not packaging under any possible definition of the period. I affirmed Garland obtaining a vote from the Senate. (Otherwise, the Democrats would have gone to court to secure an order to induce a constitutionally necessary vote). The HuffPost however claimed the GOP actually tried court packaging.
The simple fact is that the GOP didn’t kill the filibuster when they held that the majority and didn’t seek to pack the Court.
Even the Washington Post had its own embarrassing moment this week with a bizarre bit by Glenn Kessler that suggested that Scott exaggerated his entire life story of going from a childhood picking cotton to the halls of Congress. The bit promised some concealed insecurities or lie:”Tim Scott frequently speaks about his grandfather and cotton. There’s more to this narrative.” What was disturbing is the piece has been tied directly to Scott being selected to give the answer to Biden following his nationwide address — adding to the impression that it was a raw and preemptive struck slice.
If you read the piece, you discover nothing.  The Post noted that”The narrative of his grandfather fits in with a story of Scott moving up from modest circumstances to reach a place of political authority from the U.S. Senate. The next line does nothing to contradict the announcement in the first line. In addition, the Post goes on to state it is relying on”the South Carolina census documents” however”census data is historically questionable at best — and sometimes unreliable.”
Kessler’s piece might have been a fantastic base for a profile story on Scott and his history. Instead, it needed a juggler’s hit a Republican senator just before he had been given a national stage to challenge President Biden.
What is left is a gotcha headline without any support.  The Post simply says that the narrative could be”more complex” than simply”cotton to Congress.” It’s bizarre. The Post states”Scott’s family history in South Carolina offers an intriguing window to some acclaimed aspect of history at the racist South following the Civil War and in the immediate wake of slavery — some enterprising Black households purchased property for a way to avoid sharecropping and achieve a measure of autonomy from White-dominated society” Ok, then what’s the point?  It seems like his family did raise cotton and has been enterprising. The most that Kessler can claim is”Scott’s’cotton Congress’ line is missing some nuance, but we are not going to speed his bills.”
“missing some nuance”?
There is not any nuance at the point of the bit what had been going to sandbag that a senator who would be responding to President Biden.
The two of these controversies only reevaluate criticism which the media often appears to act like a state websites, echoing narratives and obstructing stories in support of this Administration. In the new model of advocacy journalism, media outlets cater to viewers and readers that want their prejudice reaffirmed in coverage and reporting. The result is an overall fall in viewership or subscriptions and an absolute tanking of trust in social networking.
The plunging level of trust reflects the loss of their greatest news organizations to some kind of awakened journalism. We’ve have been talking how editors, writers, commentators, and academics have embraced climbing calls for censorship and speech controls, such as President-elect Joe Biden and his chief advisers.  This includes professors rejecting the concept of objectivity in mathematics in favour of available advocacy.  Columbia Journalism Dean along with New Yorker author Steve Coll has wondered just how the First Amendment right to freedom of speech was being”weaponized” to safeguard disinformation.
The HuffPost is participating in open gaslighting to accuse a senator of gaslighting. The irony is lost on readers who just do not care. They want hit bits and HuffPost guarantees they won’t be contested at all out of their tempered viewpoints.  The result is that divisions are fueled by the press and the general public has no source that’s usually trusted as a neutral and honest information resource.
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