Hostile Takeover: Democrats To Introduce Bill To Pack The Supreme Court

We recently discussed the controversial commission created by President Joe Biden to talk calls to pack the Supreme Court in addition to lots of truly looney tips for preventing or diminishing the authority of this Court’s conservative majority. Some members nevertheless decided to not wait even to get a commission that is itself packaged with family members.  House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler, D-NY, Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass, and others will be announcing their plan to immediately include four new justices to the Court. The amount is calculated purely to give liberals a 7-6 majority on the Court. It is really about a subtle as a B-52 run.
Many people have discussed the expansion of the Supreme Court throughout the years. Over 20 years ago, I advocated the expansion of this Court to 17 or 19 members.  However, that recommendation would happen over several years and would not supply advocates the short-term majority they are seeking. That is the difference between reforming and packaging the Court.
The bill today strips out any pretense of principle. It is pure unadulterated court packaging. It is the very proposal denounced by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg before she died.  Lately, Justice Stephen Breyer desired against the transfer. One would think he’d be immune against the mob among the most consistently liberal justices in our history. However, this week,” Breyer cautioned against any move to expand the Supreme Court. He also resisted the characterization of their current Court because”conservative” or ideologically rigid. Breyer was swiftly denounced by characters like cable news audience Mehdi Hasan who called him”innocent” and called for his own retirement. Demand Justice, a liberal group calling for courtroom packaging, had a billboard truck at Washington the following day in the streets of Washington warning”Breyerand retire. Don’t risk your heritage.”
With the resistance of justices like Ginsburg and Breyer (and possibly the majority if not the Treaty Court), that is nothing short of a hostile takeover. It would lower the Court to some glorified FCC with lifetime tenure.
The odds of success in this ignoble aim are low. These politicians frequently decry what they see as strikes on the principle of law.  Well, this isn’t only an attack but an electronic declaration of war on the principle of law.  If Democrats just add members to provide them a controlling majority, the Supreme Court will have little authority or ethics. It will become the manufactured majority of a celebration using a razor thin management of Congress of 2 seats in the House and a 50-50 split in the Senate.
I am especially disappointed to visit Nadler in this group. I never imagined that I would see the day that the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee would step ahead to call for raw court packaging. It is a indication of our current political environment in which rage overwhelms reason.