‘Intentionally Racist”: Rep. Tlaib Declares Wright Shooting”Was Not An Accident”

The long urge for defunding police has announced that she’s done using”government funded murder” I have a column this morning in the Hill discussing how such comments can prejudice not only true against any officer at the Wright case but the ongoing trial of former officer Derek Chauvinsaid
There is evidence indicating that the shooting may have been accidental. In the videotape, the officer has been observed yelling”taser, taser, taser” until he exclaims”Holy S**t, I just shot him.” There remain serious questions about the stop and execution of this arrest. However, Tlaib obviously is not prepared to wait for all those facts to be created.
Rashida Tlaib announced on Twitter on Monday night the death of Daunte Wright”wasn’t an injury” and was”inherently [and] intentionally racist.”
There is proof that the shooting may have been a more”perplexed weapon” case where an officer mistakingly grabs his service weapon instead of his taser.  Especially given the riots and looting that’s happening in Minnesota, one would hope that government officials might caution against assuming truth and encouraging people to wait for the results of the investigation.
The officer was put on administrative leave.
Tlaib’s call for”no longer policing” will rekindle the defund the police disagreement to the chagrin of those who see the origin as hurting Democrats.
After the death of George Floyd, Tlaib announced her support for legislation called the BREATHE Act. The bill would induce national funds from federal law enforcement entities, close federal detention centers, and make federal incentives to shut state prisons.

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