“Intentionally Racist”: Rep. Tlaib Declares Wright Shooting”Wasn’t An Accident”

Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib wasted no time in declaring that the shooting of Daunte Wright had been a racist shooting without any collision. The lengthy urge for defunding authorities has declared that she’s done using”government funded murder.” I have a column this morning in The Hill talking how such remarks can prejudice not just the case against any officer in the Wright case but the ongoing trial of former officer Derek Chauvin. While a lengthy urge to defund the police, Rep. Tlaib seems to go even further to call for an end of all policing in her most recent remarks.
There’s evidence indicating that the shooting might have been accidental. In the videotape, the officer has been heard yelling”taser, taser, taser” until he exclaims”Holy S**t, I only shot him.” There remain serious questions regarding the stop and execution of the arrest. But, Tlaib clearly isn’t willing to wait around for all those facts to be established.
Rashida Tlaib declared on Twitter on Monday night that the death of Daunte Wright”was not an accident” and was”inherently [and] blatantly racist.”
There’s proof that the shooting might have been a more”confused weapon” case where an officer mistakingly catches his support weapon rather than his taser.  Particularly given the riots and looting that is occurring in Minnesota, an individual would hope that government officials could caution against assuming truth and encouraging the public to wait for the outcome of the investigation.
The officer was placed on administrative leave.
Tlaib’s call for”no longer policing” will reestablish the defund the authorities discussion to the chagrin of individuals who see the cause as hurting Democrats.
After the death of George Floyd, Tlaib declared her support for law called the BREATHE Act. The bill would divest federal cash from national law enforcement entities, close national detention centers, and make national incentives to close state prisons.
The latest remarks are magnificent.  Tlaib states that the incident had been”inherently & blatantly racist” but also declares”no longer policing, incarceration, and militarization. What exactly does that mean? No longer schooling or incarceration in a big society could encourage anarchy and chaos.
Tlaib illustrates how the defund the authorities movement remains strong in the United States and, despite denials from some in the press, remain as ironic as it’s extremist.
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