Just Setting Up My Twttr [Chumps]: Jack Dorsey Reportedly Selling His First Tweet

There is a report that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is promoting the digital signature to his first tweet studying”just setting up my twttr.”  While I originally assumed this is a prank, there have been reports of supplies in the six figures for the tweet. The issue is if you’d buy a painting when a thousand identical paintings exist along with an endless number of others can be made. The solution appears to be yes, though Dorsey might want to add”Chumps” in the close of the message”just setting up my twttr.”

This”digital memorabilia” has an autographed digital certification, and signed using cryptography with metadata in the initial tweet.
I confess to being a technician chimp however I fail to find the value of a digital backup of a five phrase tweet, in spite of an autographed digital certification. Here’s the tweet in all its glory.

I wish to see you” That might be the first audible message which could be replayed others could listen to precisely how it seemed. This is a digital backup of phrases which may be reproduced in the identical specific form — and have been duplicated countless of times.
Another analogy is like selling the initial words published in the earliest known publication,  Diamond Sutra, a Buddhist publication from Dunhuang, China from around 868 A.D. For the majority of us, the words are just as precious as their articles not as meaningless memorabilia of their first publication since they are fungible. Here the only non-fungible component is that the autograph since even the backup is simply a print of a digital message.
Next Dorsey can sell digital pillows produced from the virtual feathers of the Twitter bird to the ultimate virtual sleep. He could be the digital MyPillowGuy having another of Giga rather than”Giza” cotton.
If we will sell off digital relics, I would be interested in memorabilia of free speech that once defined Twitter along with other Enormous Tech firms. Indeed, Dorsey’s has introduced to its scarcity (and promote value) with his expanded censorship of conflicting perspectives.

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