Key Figure in Gaetz Scandal Admits Organizing For $25 Million

Michael Smerconish played a significant hit in his Sirius radio program after he hosted on Bob Kent, an ex-Air Force officer, who has been named as one of the individuals allegedly involved seeking $25 million in the Gaetz family — a demand which the family alleges was an extortion effort.  On the program, Kent confirmed that he did request $25 million while demonstrating that there was no extortion or hazard.

We discussed how odd it’s to have a written demand for $25 million which references possible criminal charges from Gaetz and also the prospect of a pardon from President Joe Biden.  Usually extortionists don’t put out the price in writing to be an investment prospectus.
The funds were being purportedly sought to ensure the release of Robert Levinson, a former FBI agent who disappeared in Iran in 2007. Levinson was believed to have been working for the CIA as well as in the time of the need, he was believed to have died in juvenile custody.
Kent confirmed the request made to Gaetz’ father, Don Gaetz, and also the participation of former DOJ attorney David McGee, who served as the Levinson family lawyer. He also admitted that he told Don Gaetz how the money would”generate good will” for his son. However, he insisted “I clarified that in no way am I attempting to extort him that if he decides to not assist us, he will never hear from me again.”
It’s also notable that Kent was working together with Florida businessman Stephen Alford, who allegedly has been convicted of fraud.
That brings us into the document obtained from the Washington Examiner. It was allegedly sent by Kent. This includes an express promise that, together with all the $25 million, his son will be guaranteed a spot on the plane bringing back Levinson and also a presidential pardon”relieving all of this legal difficulties.”
Gaetz currently has confirmed that the need has been made and he’s got the communication on an apparent quid pro quo pitch. But, that doesn’t”alleviate” his legal threat. If charged with sexual trafficking, a judge may exclude the alleged extortion need and proof on the premise that it would not be a defense to the bill itself. Even though Gaetz was being blackmailed, the occurrence of such a conspiracy would not alter the simple fact that he supposedly committed sex trafficking crimes. Therefore, the jury might never know of the countervailing narrative.
There is the question of if Gaetz did have connections with a 17-year-old.  He vehemently denies that the claim.  The FBI presumably has this proof. If he didn’t have a connection with an under-aged girl, the remaining charges would entail prostitution asserts in arranging for the traveling and compensation of mature girls for gender. Such charges are less series than sexual trafficking under-aged women, but there’s still much that we don’t know more about the focus of this investigation.
There’s much that’s been reported that is deeply troubling, such as Gaetz’ alleged history of bragging about these sexual experiences or participating in juvenile matches linked to sexual connections. That may provide compelling evidence that he is a terrible person, but that would not make him necessarily stand out at Congress.  The issue is if he is not morally culpable.  That demands a modicum of proof and patience.

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