LA Teacher’s Union Under Fire For Effort To Racially Classify Critics

The response of this UTLA was reassuring to the point of incomprehension. On the other hand, the controversy is fueled by recent attempts to depict parents demanding a return to school as racist or illustrations of chance, including recent controversial comments in the UTLA President.
Qudrat was contacted from the UTLA later she spoke from the opposition to resuming classes in Los Angeles. She’s a seventh-grade child and continues to be calling for the union to stick to the mathematics. Rather they contracted her with an email from a union research who noticed that she’s been quoted twice by the LA Times in eight months and the union wants to understand her race. The email notes that her title seems Iranian but the researcher does not need to presume her race with a”legitimate method.”
The concern however is why the union is attempting to racially classify critics. The fact that Qudrat has been quoted twice at the LA Times wouldn’t yield any broader demographic info regarding the array of parents that want their children back in school. Rather, the email is intimidating when opposition to this closings is used by a number to claim racism. That issue arose recently with the public announcements of UTLA President:

“Some voices have been permitted to speak louder than others. We must call out the intricacies supporting the largely White wealthy parents pushing the drive for a rushed return. Their experience of the pandemic isn’t our students’ households’ experiences.”

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