Michigan AG Nessel Unleashes Political Diatribe Against Defiant Restaurant Owner

She is now in a different controversy between the arrest of restaurant owner Marlena Pavlos-Hackney. Fox Host Tucker Carlson has alleged that the owner has been detained due to her appearance on his show. Nessel can quickly point to a lengthy history of noncompliance to justify the arrest however, her announcement issued in reaction to the allegations isalso in my opinion, highly improper and reveals raw political prejudice.
Pavlos-Hackney became a national hero for a few in defying the Michigan health dictates and what followed were a collection of citations and contempt orders.
Those requests were enough to procure a bench warrant of arrest, however, the timing after her appearance on Tucker Carlson’s series led several to thing which Nessel had been retaliating against a federal critic.
Placing aside the retaliatory accusation, there’s considerable reason to condemn Nessel’s answer to the criticism. Here is the announcement:

Marlena Pavlos-Hackney had countless opportunities to comply with even the most basic health and safety protocols to secure her community by the spread of Covid. She defied her local health department and the court at every turn, instead opting to taunt caregivers, law enforcement and the courts at every turn- moving on Tucker Carlson and establishing a lucrative Go Fund Me accounts rather than making even the smallest effort to safeguard her clients, her employees and community. She is no martyr without a hero. But should you cheered Donald Trump when he whined about the many ways he avoided military support while others complied with their legal obligations, it’s no wonder you revere this woman. Making personal sacrifice to the greater good of our nation and state was once considered commendable. Maybe not anymore.

My objections to the announcement are two-fold.  To begin with,  Nessel goes out of her way to taunt Pavlos-Hackney and her fans. She also makes specific mention to her moving on the Tucker Carlson show. Given the free speech issues in such looks, the reference to a national series (where Nessel was criticized) reveals, at minimum, horrible judgment by Nessel. This is particularly concerning given Nessel prior threats against people who raised electoral fraud claims.
Second, Nessel employs the announcement to affirm raw political prejudice from striking from Trump and his or her supporters.  She mockingly notes”when you cheered Donald Trump when he whined about the many ways he avoided military support while others complied with their legal obligations, it’s no wonder you revere this woman.”  Ironically, it is the sort of gratuitous attack that a lot of us criticized Trump for utilizing against political rivals. Nonetheless, this is actually the Michigan Attorney General engaging in petty discriminated against Republican critics.
The whole announcement reads like a political screed rather than a prosecutorial announcement. It’s both unprofessional and unwarranted in fixing the arrest of a taxpayer. What is bizarre is that almost all officials in such a controversy would strive to maintain a totally lawfully objective and politically neutral place. Nessel might have abandoned the matter by detailing the history of noncompliance as sufficient justification for the arrest. Nessel did precisely the opposite to pander to a political base.  She appears to fight to fulfill every stereotype of a biased political operative training criminal enforcement authority.
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