New Emails Show Unsuccessful and Unrelenting Pressure on Barr and Rosen from Trump to Intervene in the Election

What’s astonishing is the degree to which these pressures continued in the brief interval in which Rosen served as acting Attorney General in the final days of the Administration.
The emails given to the House Oversight Committee show how Barr refused to give credence to the electoral fraud claims of people like Rudy Giuliani prior to Trump compelled him out in the waning days of the Trump Administration. The strain was then caused Rosen to perform exactly what Barr refused to perform including submitting a complaint drafted by the Trump legal group. The stress has been highly unsuitable and Rosen continued the position of Barr in denying particular attempts.
When Barr was pushed by Trump after general strikes, it appeared entirely unnecessary and unworthy.   After all, there were only a couple of days left to the Administration. However, it currently seems that Trump counselor used the substitution to resume the strain for an intervention. A number of the emails reference the concept which Dominion Voting Systems were used to change votes and the more recently discussed concept which Italy was using satellites and military technology to change votes.
The strain Rosen came from a number of sources, including Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, who requested about investigating the satellite allegations.   He advised them to utilize the FBI tip line — a proposal that Rosen recounted was viewed as”insulting” by Giuliani.   It was a crystal very clear message that there would be no back channel to the DOJ.
What’s troubling is that the strain on Rosen began as soon as Barr declared his resignation for later that month.   This included the shipping of a draft complaint for the Justice Department to file to”declare that the Electoral College votes cast” in both battleground states that Trump lost”can’t be counted.”   The draft has been reportedly sent to Acting Solicitor General Jeffrey Wall and can be exceptionally uncommon and, in my opinion, highly unsuitable.   1 email leaves no matter where the pressure is coming from, saying”As I said in our call, the President of the United States has witnessed this complaint, and he led me to brief AG Rosen in person now and talk bringing this activity,” he wrote in 1 email. “I’ve been instructed to report back on the President this day after this assembly”
Not merely do the emails further vindicate Barr within this protection of the ethics of the Department but also the disclosures follow Attorney General Merrick Garland embracing some of the Barr positions formerly denounced as uncooked political abuses by authorized experts on networks like CNN and MSNBC.
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