Res Ipsa Hits 49,000,000

This morning, we passed the 49,000,000 markers in opinions on the blog. We’re continuing to experience a spike in audiences. 2020 has been a record year in terms of traffic and 2021 is exceeding the previous calendar year. The blog continues to grow with new routine commenters and also a growing international readership. We thank our loyal readers that return every day to discuss contemporary political, legal, and occasionally odd stories. We’ve used these moments to give thanks to our many ordinary readers around the world and offer you an idea of the current profile of subscribers around the site. We are still rank with the top legal sites on earth. As always, I need to offer exceptional thanks to Darren Smith who’s continued to help manage the blog and help out people who encounter posting issues.
So this is our profile:
This morning, we have over 19,653 articles. Together with the meltdown at Twitter, we found a remarkable drop in Twitter subscribers as a large number of folks have boycotted the company over its censorship policies. Nevertheless, we are slowly picking up Twitter subscribers again.
In the past 90 days, our ten biggest global sources for subscribers came from:
1. United States
2. United Kingdom
4. France
6. European Union
8. Japan
9. Italy
10. Netherlands
The top five posted in terms of readership in the past 90 days have been:
1.    The Case Against Retroactive Impeachments: A Reply.
2.  D.C. Attorney General Looks Into Arresting Trump and Additional
3. Why is Eric Swalwell The Answer On Trump’s Prayers
4. Professor Calls For The Elimination Of Republican Party
5. CNN’s April Ryan Strikes At Reporters
Thanks to all our everyday commentators. We stay an incredibly broad and varied body of commenters from other parts of the planet and various political and societal backgrounds. Thank you again.
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