Suspect Who Dragged NYPD Officer Was Previously Released Pending Trial For Attempted Murder

The recently released video of some NYPD officer was dragged by a fleeing suspect took an even more controversial turn when it was disclosed that the defendant was out on bail despite being charged with attempted murder. Takim Newson’s previous launch with a judge is baffling given the alleged offense and Newson’s prior criminal record.
Newson, 32, was halted by police officers after he doubled parked on a busy street and the automobile had greatly t
inted windows. The officers noted that his speech was slurred and Newson admitted to smoking marijuana. He had been advised by the officer he was not under arrest but they asked him to get out of the car.  He then threw the car in reverse and dragged the officer.

After the traffic stopped, Newson is accused of breaking into a house in Queens and threatening a 66-year-old woman by pretending he had a gun. He then left without taking anything and allegedly stole a Jaguar sedan.
What is surprising is the fact he was out after an arrest in February with no bond.  Newson is accused of shooting a person from the groin through an attempted Valentine’s Day prosecution in a Queens pub. Prosecutors required that he stay in jail pending trial.  His lawyer was asking for $50,000 bond. However the court reportedly released him without bond although he had been arrested after fleeing the scene.
According to media accounts, Newson functioned a 31/2-year prison sentence for an armed robbery in Nassau County prior to being paroled at 2011. He was also accused of shooting police officers in  2008 and the other shooting in 2011.
The judge at Queens has been Judge Denise Johnson that had been rated”not approved” by town Bar Association prior to her election November. She ran unopposed for the judicial chair. The not approved evaluation was because of the simple fact that Johnson failed to publish papers and information for review from the Bar.
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