The Hunter Biden Reclamation Project: Jimmy Kimmel Is The Best Way To Embrace Hunter’s Scandal Spin

We recently discussed the way the media was made Hunter Biden that a type of collective reclamation project — ignoring signs of a new potential federal crime while not challenging glaring omissions and contradictions in their own interviews. That includes avoiding a gun controversy even as his dad requires a new law to tackle the very issue raised by Hunter.  This collective willful blindness was evident from the interview conducted last night by Jimmy Kimmel at which both joked about Hunter’s suitable absence of memory.
Hunter was asked about his controversial work with Burisma but the interview avoided addressing obvious and embarrassing contradictions.  No. No. No.” He insisted that he would just forego the money because”that which I did not take into consideration was the way by which they’d use the perception against my dad.”
Hunter then emphasized that he was competent to serve on the board of a power firm after working on”a dozen boards” like those for Amtrak and World Food Program U.S., and general”experience on corporate governance”
For anyone remotely familiar with Hunter’s history, that the only thing more bothersome than that response was the collapse of Kimmel to have any meaningful follow up.
For thirty decades, I’ve written about the corruption on Washington from the use of partners and kids to obtain influence with our leaders. I criticized it with Democrats and Republicans. Hunter Biden has been among the most egregious examples of corruption. That’s the reason it’s so frustrating to see the media whitewash this scandal.
Hunter used his daddy’s position to assume that those positions — a history which had been an open joke from Washington.  I wrote about Hunter’s history as an illustration of the corruption of Washington and the role of nepotism for decades, including a piece in 2014 when he had been placed around the Burisma board. Like many partners and children of our politicians, Hunter Biden made a fortune for a lobbyist in Washington. That frequent path for kids continues to raise troubling questions of influence peddling and corruption for our leaders as mentioned in this preceding column.
As mentioned earlier, Hunter Biden has the prototypical restart of their progeny of the strong in Washington. He appeared to land jobs much beyond his expertise or demonstrated skills. Most law school graduates work for six decades merely to make junior partner in a firm. Yet, directly from law school in 1996he had been provided a lucrative position with MBNA America, a lender which was not just a campaign contributor to his own dad but a company actively lobbying for lending varies in Congress. His dad, then a strong senator, supported changes that benefited the lender.
Within a couple years of schooling, Hunter Biden amazingly ascended into the position of executive vice president. He was then given a place from the Commerce Department until he became an industry lobbyist. In 2006, President Bush made him a member of their board of directors of Amtrak.
At the time, Democratic Senator Tom Carper of Delaware clarified that Hunter Biden had been qualified to get on the board of Amtrak because”Hunter Biden has invested a lot of time on Amtrak trains”
Ignoring conflicts at the interview was no simple undertaking. Kimmel made reference Hunter’s struggle with medication without mentioning that Hunter admits to being a crack addict all the way up to his father’s 2020 presidential election. Hunter left that off of his description of his job on Burisma. While Hunter was claiming blackouts of memory due to his crack addictionthat he was also claiming that he had been a natural selection for the board with an major energy company.  Burisma along with other companies not simply gave enormous payments to somebody without any notable abilities or expertise, they hired somebody who had been a drug addict who had been, by his account, a complete trainwreck.  However, he had been hired for abilities and insights on energy and corporate direction?
Kimmel also helps Hunter in his handy lapses of memorycard. When requested, Hunter just cried and took a dig Rudy Giuliani:” I believe, within my faith to question whatever comes from the desk of Rudy Giuliani. And so that I don’t know is the solution.”
Kimmel then repeats Hunter’s excuse that he had been in a haze during this period (which communicates with all the Burisma position):”I have seen you on some interviewsthat you know, talking about the notebook… and when they asked you if this was your notebook, you say that you don’t know, which is difficult to believe unless you read the publication. And it’s like, I am surprised you’ve got shoes on.”
The problem is that Hunter remembered a great deal of details when it served his storyline. It’s simply on issues like the notebook or fathering a child that he claims a total blackout.
Kimmel also ignores that Hunter has been moving over these mails and pictures together with adviser, the FBI, along with campaign officials for over a year.  Other folks have resisted the mails as actual.  It’s facially absurd to suggest that Hunter does not have any idea if the notebook or its material are authentic.  Instead, the media has enabled him to carry on to suggest that the notebook may be the production of Russian intelligence.
The concerted effort of several from the media to manage this scandal for Hunter and the Biden family ought to be a concern of anybody who values a different media. The repetition of such apparently false narratives is common in countries with state medias.  What’s different is that there is no central coordinating agency. This story is maintained by general approval of a media that currently actively shapes instead of reports .
Kimmel is clearly not a journalist.  But, his series demonstrates how this false story has been replicated across entertainment and news forums. It’s a well-executed attempt to eliminate this scandal for President Biden by converting a kid into a kind of hero of our times.  As opposed to discuss his history for a deadbeat father, influence peddler, along with other facts, the media is forcing home the image of an American Odysseus who conquered every challenge.
The simple fact is that it will probably work. This scandal is simply not suitable so Hunter will need to be a redeeming instead of a reprehensible figure.  So that the Hunter Biden reclamation project will last.

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