The Washington Post Offers Biden”Four Pinocchios” For Record on New Georgia Election Law

The Washington Post has issued a rare rebuke to President Joe Biden more than his statement about the new Georgia election legislation.  As noted before, Biden’s statistical claims concerning the catastrophe on the Southern boundary also have been contested by news organizations as untrue or false. However, 1 statement on the Georgia law came out for many when Biden declared”What I am concerned about is the way un-American this whole initiative is. It is sick. It is ill… deciding that you’re likely to end voting o’clock when working folks are only getting off work” The statement was repeated in an official White House release from the President. The is untrue and the Post awarded Four Pinocchios.  But, one additional statement from this essay was just surprising.

The election legislation really does the reverse of what Biden asserted. It ensured that, at a minimum, polls could remain available for a complete work day while permitting the lengthy hours commonly used on election day.  The prior legislation was ambiguous and could have allowed before closure of polling places.
So the new law requires polling places to be open”starting at 9:00 AM and ending at 5:00 PM.” However, the legislation also allows individual counties to set the hours anywhere between seven a.m. and seven p.m.
The Post went further to note that the law, based on each one the experts cautioned, has”the net impact… to enlarge the opportunities to vote for most Georgians, not limit them.”

The statement is in sharp contrast to Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin’s general complaint of”PBS NewsHour” correspondent Yamiche Alcindor for speaking to the catastrophe within an otherwise fawning question in exactly precisely the identical press conference. Rubin effectively criticized Alcindor for diverting from the accepted story and told her to”see the Washington Post’s record of data.”  The data does not support Biden’s statements on the emergency and this is 1 Post column that’s unlikely to be highlighted by Rubin or even the White House.

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