Weekend Photos: Concordant or Discordant Coastline? You Decide.

From Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

Because I really could I made a decision to go for a short drive and spend a few days off; so good an excuse as any for a few photos.
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Nature is. Probably that’s the most bizarre and most succinctly applicable sentence I could clarify this miracle and serene joy rewarding my life. Nevertheless as for your hobby of photography, the Nature ultimately controls the subject matter. She presented with a challenging day in securing only a few good shots, of particular challenge were people showing the staircase vicinity in which it had been frightfully cold and with horizontal, ice crystal peppered rain wracking within highway-speed wind gusts.
AdmittedlyI had to dig a bit with the postproduction software to coax out some luminosity from steely-gray RAW pictures. (Including the rather”cheap shot” Color Saturation instrument ) Instead, though I only wield a casual command of the artwork and exchange of photography, experiences like these marshal me to completely take to heart the thought that photography is a form of speech–in the sense that one can utilizing post-production camera and software configuration in conducting significance to the beholder in exactly the same manner in which language confers significance in the reader. One case is communicating starkness and foreboding of a topic by raising contrast, eliminating warm colors, bleaching the skies and over sharpening. Or in the case of a previous post, making a tribute perhaps to some excellent scientist during the wicked use of colour. (Watch”Cherenkov’s Fantasy” in the link).  But unto the photographs…

Astounding was the contrast between what the picture above shows and also the experience suffered from the camera, and also the disparity between the shore and beyond the seas above. In the tempestuous waterline we have been strafed with ice-like pellets. Where they came from who knows. Perhaps it was the layout of the cliffs which made some kind of Venturi impact that dropped that the ambient temperature to ghastly levels with the wind chill. It did require some attempt to extricate ourselves out of that freezeup the stairs, and on to the surface where it had been unbelievably warmer. Ironically it was somewhat exhilarating, but deserving of a powerful”no thank you” if Nature ever attempt to tempt me into that again.

Having later declared a core body temperature at the two digit, positive range I came across this curious animal. Constructed of flotsam presumably gathered from nearby beaches, this resolute appearing plastic puffin presents a different Duality of Individual contradiction: A enchanting creation of someone through artwork…born of the contamination carelessly and conveniently jettisoned by humanity. I presume that the art can function, if we permit ourselves to accept itas a benign foretelling of this spawning of the oddest kind of phoenix that could detract from your ash pile, if we relegate our presently hospitable environment into chaos. Whichever path may be of our own choosing, however the result will be forced upon us.

And back to a routine governmental program. Nature would laugh , but it will not. It can’t, therefore it does not. And therein becomes the serenity. We can select concordance with character or the discord of Washington. As for the coast, to be Concordant or even Discordant? Well, that has been under the purview of geology millions of years before we got involved. It appeared to have got along quite well on its own.
Images (C) Darren Smith 2021
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